Cross Point | Chapter 2

Chapter 2



I remember those word from Acts 2 gripping me in college. Radically Devoted to Christ, irrevocably committed to one another, relentlessly dedicated to reaching the lost.

I remember meeting with a few friends in the beginning and our conversations were that Nashville didn’t need just another church. We wanted to be a part of something different. We wanted to reach people who were not being reached and we realized this meant doing things nobody else was doing.

I love Nashville. I love this city. I grew up here and I’ve always known this is a special place. People come here to chase dreams. That’s why I’m here. I dream of a church that will forever make an impact not just on Nashville but will leave it’s mark on this world.

Radically devoted to Christ,
Irrevocably committed to one another,
Relentlessly dedicated to reaching those outside God’s family with the Gospel of Christ.



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In the course of those first ten years we have found ourselves at numerous times facing a crossroads of faith. From raising the first $100,000 to open the doors to our first public service at Gower Elementary to the move to this location on Charlotte Ave to the launch of each individual campus, God has proven time and time again that his vision is much bigger and grander than our own. He has stretched us and challenged us repeatedly to trust him with our next season.

Today we find ourselves at the end of chapter 1 and needing to flip the page to chapter 2 of Cross Point’s story. In chapter 2 of Acts, the early church embraces a new era, a new way of church life. We see them more devoted to Christ. We see them more committed to one another and we see them relentless about reaching those far from God.

Cross Point, it’s time for our Chapter 2

I believe that God is not even close to done with Cross Point yet. I believe he’s calling us to a deeper, more impactful season of ministry than we’ve experienced yet.

But to do that we have to be willing to have audacious faith.

If we truly believe in the vision God has called us to, we have to acknowledge the things that are holding us back.

Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Chapter 2



The sky’s the limit! I can’t wait to see how God uses us to reach this city. And as we reach this city, I can’t wait to see how God uses us to impact the world. As I think about these next steps, I’m reminded of what the old evangelist Leonard Ravenhill once said, "The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.” I just think there are very few chances we’ll ever get to be a part of something like this in our lifetime.


  1. The Solution

    For well over a year, our leadership team has been praying for solutions to our growth challenges. We’ve toured numerous buildings in the Nashville area. We’ve walked undeveloped properties and we’ve tapped on doors seeking additional partnerships for use of space. After months of due diligence and a great deal of outside counsel from other church leaders and church consultants, we believe God has led us to our next step.

    Located in the heart of Nashville sits a 114,000 square foot warehouse building which we believe God has led us to as the next home for Cross Point Nashville. Right in the center of the city, this location positions our Nashville Campus to be the hub and broadcast location for us to accomplish our vision to make significant impact on the city of Nashville. Growing up in Nashville, it has always been my desire to lead a church that impacted the city in a tremendous way.

  2. Chapter 2
  3. Location Location Location

    This move is strategic in that it allows our broadcast campus to be located directly in the center of the city, allowing us to continue to plant campuses throughout the greater Nashville area. In addition to our campuses in Bellevue, Dickson and Hendersonville, we plan to launch our Franklin campus in the fall of this year and more campuses throughout the region as God leads us..


  4. Chapter 2
  5. Here is just a glimpse of what we envision for our new space:

    · A larger auditorium to accommodate the large crowds for our Sunday worship services

    · More adequate infrastructure to support our message broadcast to the other Cross Point campuses

    · Amazing children’s environments to better reach families

    · Student ministry space that is the place students want to be

    · Meeting space for our growing ministry to College Students and Stretch

  6. Chapter 2



Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is the new facility from our current location

It is no more than 5 or 6 minutes from current location…just depends on how fast you drive! It has great access from the interstate, which allows people from all over Nashville to have easy access to the new facility.

How many services will there be?

We don’t know for sure yet. We are hoping for around 2000 seats in the auditorium. We’ll probably start with a couple of services and add to them as we need to. The goal is not to get a bigger building in order to have fewer services, the goal is to have enough space to reach people who are far from Christ. We’ll have as many services as we need to have to reach them.

How will we deal with Titans traffic?

While this will only affect us a few Sundays a year (for instance, there are 6 Sunday home games in the morning this next season), we’ll have to be creative about how we park and what times our services are on those days. Having a campus just a block from Titans stadium gives us amazing outreach opportunities. Several Sundays a year, 60,000 people from all over will converge right beside our campus. Our leadership team is already brainstorming creative ways that we can use these unbelievable opportunities to reach others. We don’t see this as a weakness, we see it as a huge opportunity!

Is the $4-5 million too much?

It’s definitely a lot of money. But for the size building we’re talking about and the ministry we’ll be able to do there, it’s not that much. We’ve always been diligent stewards of the resources God’s blessed us with.For the first 7 years Cross Point existed, the only piece of property we owned was in the Dominican Republic, and that didn’t stop us from doing life-changing ministry here in Nashville. Whether it’s missions, student ministry, or children’s ministry, we’ve always tried to do the most ministry we can with the least amount of resources. Our church spends a lot of time in 3rd world countries and we know the needs around the world, so we’re very sensitive to this tension. Our leadership team has a peace that we’re being responsible about this amount of money allowing us to do great ministry from this location.

Will this impact the regular budget or how much we give to missions?

No. The purchase price of the building will come out of previously budgeted funds for facilities. We are still committed to our 1% More Campaign, so the amount we contribute to missions will continue to increase by 1% each year until 20??. The $4-5 million we are hoping to raise in the Chapter 2 Campaign for the build out of this facility is above and beyond our missions and ministries budget. By raising the money outside of the regular operating budget, we’ll continue to carry out the ministries we’re committed to.

Will community groups still meet in homes?

The vast majority of community groups will continue to meet in homes around the city, but there will be space available if groups need to use the new facility. Groups that are currently meeting at the Nashville Campus will probably meet in our new facility as well. Our commitment to community groups is not changing in the least.

If we don’t raise the $4-5 million, what will we do?

We’re believing in God to move in a miraculous way just as he has over the last 10 years. If we don’t reach this goal, we will adjust the budget and prioritize the expenses to do the things that we feel are most crucial. No matter what, we’re still going to trust him with our Chapter 2.

How quickly do we need to raise the $4-5 million?

Our church is made up of average people who make average incomes. We’ve never reached a lot of wealthy people who can just sit down and write a $100000 check, but if you can , you should! If you look at the giving potential of our campus over the next couple of years, then every one of us has an unbelievable opportunity to contribute. One of the things that our family will do is sit down and have the conversation of what can we give up for a year or two? Direct Tv? Not eat out as much? There are so many ways to find pockets of money, and when you start multiplying that times 12 months or 24 months, it adds up quickly. We’ll try to give everyone some space and time to come up with the ways they can contribute. It’s unbelievable the giving potential that we have.

Why are we buying instead of leasing?

We’ve had the strategy over the years of weighing whether we should buy property or lease property. We’re not in the real estate business. We could care less about owning things. The reality is that most of our facilities are rented or leased. When we built the Bellevue Campus, we ended up buying the building because it was cheaper to buy than to lease for 5 years. It’s kind of the same deal once again. If we could lease it, we probably would, but it’s just as good a deal for us to buy.

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